Free Your Body From Mold With This Proven,
Safe And Cutting-Edge 14-Herb Formulation

Headaches, dizziness, memory loss, fatigue, aches, sleep problems, rashes, anxiety and the blues . . .

These are signs that mold exposure may have upset your internal microbial balance and flooded your body with mycotoxins (toxins created by mold).

Black Mold Relief helps you restore microbial balance and recover from exposure to mold. Drawing from cutting edge research and millennial-old wisdom, this complex formulation brings you through a carefully crafted 4-step process for relief in every spoonful.

Mold Free After 20 Years!
For more than 20 years I have been dealing with a myriad health problems that seemed unrelated and could not be explained either by allopathic or alternative doctors. Chronic fatigue, intolerance to all kinds of weather conditions (hot, cold, damp), allergies, weak joints, a sick feeling in my muscles, severe weight loss, digestive problems, and a lung condition where I could not fully expand my lungs. I was intolerant to all allopathic medicines and to many herbs as well. All doctors were baffled by this collection of symptoms. I was told over and over that I was a hypochondriac, obsessed with my health, a crazy woman, etc. etc.

When I came to Cofe I was desperate. Fortunately for me, or perhaps I should say miraculously, Cofe knows about mold, how to identify it and bring relief. He’s the only health expert who has been able to determine that this was the main cause of my problems.

Cofe’s demeanor and self-confidence, his respectful and careful approach, intense focus and methodical review of all symptoms, inspired in me immediate trust. Thanks to him and his wonderful herbs, in only six months, my health is now much, much improved. For the first time in 20 years I am able to do exercise in a semi-strenuous way, without feeling sick. I can swim laps for half an hour and walk uphill on steep streets, which I was no longer able to do. My lungs, muscles and joints are much better and the gastritis has disappeared almost completely.

I am extremely grateful to Cofe for he is giving me back my health, strength and happiness. I still have a ways to go, but now I have hope and I know I’ll get there

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Capsule or Powder Form

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  • Inhibits fungal growth, restoring microbial balance, with 13 proven antifungal botanicals. Demonstrated through research to work on Aspergillus, Fusarium, Penicillium, Chaertomium, Stachybotrus, and more
  • Helps your body neutralize and eliminate mycotoxins generated by mold
  • Supports a healthy and balanced immune response
  • Supports brain and neuron health for sharp thinking, coordinated movement and a good mood
  • Is safe enough for infants and children
  • Has no known side effects. Is carefully formulated to reduce residual die-off effect (nausea, headaches and fatigue) brought on as your microbial balance shifts internally
  • Draws from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine, using herbs proven by western scientific inquiry and peer-reviewed journals
  • Contains cinnamon twig, anemarrhena, clove, cyperus, houttuynia, artemesia, fennel, xanthium, ligusticum, curcuma, acorus, psoralea, licorice, schizandra
  • Formulated by herbalist, licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cofe Fiakpui, MTCM, L. Ac.
  • Nice taste of licorice and cinnamon
  • Easy to use – Simply take this one formulation by spoon or mix it into any beverage, hot or cold
  • Is available in two different forms (capsules or powder) for ease of use and economy
Please Note: If you are taking coumadin or another blood-thinning medication, please consult with your doctor before using.

Proven, Effective & Safe

Toxic Mold in Petri Dish

You know something is wrong . . .

Headaches, rashes, fatigue, trouble sleeping . . .

Memory problems, brain fog, anxiety and inexplicable lows when it comes to your mood . . .

Yet it’s been impossible to find an answer. You suspect mold exposure may be the problem. You’ve even invested in cleaning and fixing parts of your house to reduce moisture problems and mold growth . . . Or changed your job to avoid the exposure you suffered there . . .

But you still don’t feel like you know you should.

Here’s your answer . . .

After working with hundreds of people who have suffered from these very same problems, I’ve developed a formulation of 14 herbs that will help your body free itself from mold.

This Single Formulation Takes
Your Body Through a 4-Step Process:

Step 1
Black Mold Relief helps your body maintain a healthy microbial balance by inhibiting the growth of a wide spectrum of molds (Aspergillus, Fusarium, Penicillium, Chaertomium, Stachybotrus, and more). It uses 13 botanical mold killers from Traditional Chinese Medicine And Ayurvedic Medicine, confirmed to be effective by published research in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
Step 2
Black Mold Relief helps your body destroy and get rid of mycotoxins left over from mold. These highly toxic chemicals produced by mold are responsible for fatigue, achiness, low mood, memory loss and more.

Herbs like licorice, curcuma and artemesia increase your body’s production of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that moves through your blood neutralizing toxins.

Going a step further, licorice and curcuma as well as the herb, schizandra, support your liver health. Your liver cleans the blood of toxins, helping your body get rid of them.

Step 3
Black Mold Relief supports a healthy and balanced immune response. Mold exposure can both inhibit and stimulate your immune system. This formulation helps your immune system maintain a healthy balanced state.

Herbs like schizandra, cinnamon twig, cyperus, licorice and the Korean herb houttuynia impact the production of communication molecules made by your immune system. They support a healthy immune reaction to foreign microbes like mold.

Step 4
Black Mold Relief supports brain and nerve health. Many toxins produced by mold are actually neurotoxins. Black Mold Relief includes herbs like acorus and curcuma that neutralize neurotoxins on contact. These herbs help keep your brain sharp and your nerves in working order.

This herbal formula has been refined several times and perfected based on the latest research in order to maximize its effect and minimize any die off or detox reactions.

It contains the exact proportions of toxin neutralizing herbs (such as licorice, schizandra, curcuma, acorus, and artemesia) in relation to the mold killing herbs. This helps minimize excessive flooding of mold toxins into the bloodstream from the die-off effect.

For this reason, unlike many antifungal formulations, it not only helps you eliminate mold, but allows you to do it gently and comfortably.

Digestion Better And Mental Fog Cleared!

I went to Cofe in an attempt to find relief for some digestive issues and an overall mental fog that affected my memory, and I also had thinning hair.

After following Cofe’s suggestions and taking the prescribed teas for over four months my digestion and adverse reaction to certain foods has greatly improved and the mental fog has subsided.

I learned from this experience how toxic molds can be and the extreme reactions they can have on overall health.

No More Shaking!

I started seeing Cofe about a year ago about shaking in my hands and poor memory. He said it was caused by toxins from a black mold infection in my lungs.

I’m usually slightly skeptical of alternative medicine but I took the herbs he recommended 3 times a day and within about 3 months the shaking had all but stopped and my memory has improved.

For Best Results . . .

For Best Results

To thoroughly rid your body of the mold and the mycotoxins created by the mold, use the entire 1-month supply.

For best results, drink lots of water and get at least 8 hours of sleep each night. This will help your body’s elimination pathways work effectively in flushing your system clean.

While its been formulated to minimize die-off reactions, if you do experience fatigue or headaches when first taking it, this should only last for 2 days at the most.

Increase your intake of water to as much as 4 liters a day and drink ginger tea to help remove poisons and calm nausea.

There’s No Risk – Our Satisfaction Guarantee

For Best Results A special message from Cofe Fiakpui, MTCM, LAC

Most of the people I’ve seen who are struggling with mold problems have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars seeking answers. And been unrewarded.

Understandably, many people who come through my clinic’s doors are skeptical and cautious about trying something new.

Yet I’d hate for you to bypass this solution that’s worked for so many people because you are nervous about whether it will work for you or not.

For this reason, I include a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This allows you to see for yourself the effectiveness of this formulation. And because I recommend you take this for 1 month to experience the full results, I offer this guarantee for a full 90 days.

If you decide you’re not satisfied, simply return the unused portions and we’ll refund you your purchase price minus any shipping and handling. Please note, this is only good for one purchase of this specific product.

This way you have time to let the herbs work in your body before you make a final conclusion. While most of my patients experience results within days, it can take several months to undo the damage done by mold that has been hiding inside of you for years.

Reclaim Your Life

Living with mold can take over your life. Everything suffers.

One of the greatest rewards in my line
of work as a natural health practitioner is seeing people reclaim their lives with the help of my formulations.

I’ve seen faces that were once cloudy and drawn in anxiety and discomfort become vibrant, relaxed and full.

I’ve seen people pick up old ambitions and return to their former interests and passions with a whole new energy and excitement.

I’d love to see this happen for you.

With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you’ve got nothing at risk. It’s now up to you. I invite you to reclaim your life by ridding yourself of mold with this proven, effective and safe formulation.

Coordination And Memory Regained

I started worrying about my health because of the loss of long-term memory I began to experience.

I could not remember things that had happened in previous years (2 or 3 years) and the gifts I had given to my partner, or parties, events, situations and everyone around me commented how bad my memory was. I felt confused and isolated from the memories that we all shared. At the same time I had a chronic cough and lost coordination when climbing stairs. My hair was falling out and I had episodes of severe headache and nausea that only disappeared if I vomited all the food I had eaten two or three hours before.

The first thing that improved with the herbs was my mood. My hair stopped falling out and I stopped coughing, Now I do not slip anymore climbing up the stairs and when my friends talk of things that happened in the past, I begin to remember instead of feeling interrogated or just showing no interest in the discussion. I have also not had to throw up to stop a headache.

I concluded that I polluted my lungs with mold spores by reading old books that were packed in damp boxes. Some pages were black and I ignored the risks and manipulated them without gloves or masks. The fungi produced neurotoxic substances and its effects can be fatal. I will never touch something that looks moldy or rotten!